Learn To Change The World Around Yourself With Simple Solutions

Learn To Change The World Around Yourself With Simple Solutions

02.05.2018 Off By Lambert Patterson

As we’re heading towards a new year, a lot of us are going to be thinking about New Years Resolutions, those feel-good (but ultimately hollow) promises we make to ourselves. For all but the smallest percentage of people, New Years Resolutions will never, ever work.

The reason for this is simple – if you can put off a habit change / life change until a new year rolls around, that’s a sign that you just don’t have much motivation to make it happen. You may wish it would happen, but you don’t really want to do the work to get it (and that’s why you’ve been putting it off). You may have a whole new year ahead of you, but you’ve still got all the old desires that will keep you trapped in the place you’re at now.

Wake-up calls, however, are a different matter.

Hitting You Where It Hurts: The Powerful Punch Of A Wake-Up Call

What drives change in a person? Someone once said the two driving forces are inspiration – or desperation. Guess which one is more powerful? Desperation. It’s what drives you to bad habits, to escape activities, to addictions. You’re desperate to avoid fear, or hard work, or conflict, so you drive yourself away from those things (and miss out on a lot of growth in the process).

But desperation can also push you forward. When you realize that your kids are almost grown up and you’ve never told them how much you love them, or that your job is about to disappear and you have no fallback plan, or that you only have a year to live – that’s a wake-up call. Something happens, or something clicks, and suddenly you’re aware of how much you’re about to lose … and you get a massive burst of motivation to make radical changes in your life.

When a true-wake up call hits, you seem to have access to levels of willpower, tenacity, and full-out energy that you never knew you had in you. You change your life faster than you ever thought possible, and it doesn’t seem as hard as you thought it would be because you’re fully committed – desperate not to lose out on the little time you have left.

Chasing The Wake-Up Call: Your Fastest Path To Power

As I said last week, this blog is changing direction – or maybe just changing intensity – and the focus will be on living a life that matters. Living a life where you have no more regrets, where you push past your fears and the lies you tell to yourself and you finally stop settling for less, and start changing your life. I’m going to be laying wake-up call after wake-up call on you until you feel all the drive you need welling up inside so you can finally take massive action to design the life you want.

I don’t want you to wait until some random wake-up call years down the road inspires you to do the things you’ve wished you would. I want you to get hit with it as soon as possible.

And while I work on that, I’m going to toss this wake-up call at you, direct from one of my closest blogging friends Naomi Dunford of Ittybiz. She’s repeatedly kicked my ass so that I could past some of my personal roadblocks and get the most out of 2008 and I think her latest message will do the same for you. You can read Why We’re Broke (And How To Fix It) right here. If this unstable economy worries you in the least, her wake-up call is sure to help you find the motivation to start turning things around before things get too painful.