Best 8 productivity applications

Best 8 productivity applications

We asked the site editors to compile a special compilation for our site. The selection is devoted to the increase of productivity and the elimination of procrastination.

Cross-platform application that monitors daily results. You can set goals for the day, record tasks, and the app will send reminders and indicate progress or stagnation. Designed to organize the work of freelancers, but for personal purposes, too, is suitable – we checked

The Android application collects your cases from the calendar and displays them in the form of beautiful pie charts. You can quickly analyze the employment for the next week and understand on which day to schedule a meeting, and when to go for yoga.

A handy application for analyzing the time spent on the job. Assign a case, put a timer and work. It will help to adjust time costs and tighten self-discipline: you can set a timer and for entertainment, so as not to sit in Instagram for an hour and a half. Available for desktop and smartphone.

Free application for iPhone, where you can schedule a list of tasks for the day/week/month and monitor the schedule of their productivity. You can also choose a color design – red, black or white.

One Big Thing
This is a straightforward application. It allows you to select the “goal of the day”, on which you need to focus. You can also add two or three secondary goals and switch to them after completing the main.

It’s like a digital version of conventional stickers, and the design of the application is so simple and clean that you want to use it every day. In the paid version, users can select the background and stickers that appear when the job is completed.

With the help of the application, you can find out how long it takes to accomplish specific tasks and become more collected and responsible. Time allows you to add cases quickly, allocate them a certain amount of time, and track how much they took.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the application “learns” and eventually begins to give clues as to how to increase personal effectiveness.


Service combines the task manager and Pomodoro-timer. They are closely related to each other: for example, when adding a task, you can immediately start a countdown of its execution. There is a section with data about your productivity, from which you can find out which days and hours you work best. Also, Lanes has a convenient and even more functional web version.

One of the fastest, safest and not overloaded messengers with superfluous possibilities. Initially, only correspondence was protected in the service, but in 2017, voice calls with end-to-end encryption were also received.

Last year, the messenger developers tried very hard. In the long list of innovations came the mode of reading, video messages, the ability to delete sent messages, the official support of the Russian language and much more.