Balance in Life Is Real For You

Balance in Life Is Real For You

10.05.2018 Off By Lambert Patterson

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. The question is, when it really comes down to it, do you really even believe you can get your life more balanced?

Do you believe you’ll ever get ahead of the non-stop pace of life long enough to catch your breath … or do you believe that the insanity of the week will never end?

Do you believe you can slow down and still get things done, or do you believe you’ll always have to run yourself ragged just to make ends meet?

Do you believe you’ll ever manage to have more time for yourself? Your family? Your “significant other?” Or do you believe that you’ll just have to take what you can get?

Belief drives action.

You don’t believe, you don’t act.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

So if you believe that your life is just too busy … that you’ve just got too much going on … that you don’t have the time for the people you care about … how much drive are you going to have to change your situation?

Life Doesn’t Change Itself.

You may want to get your life balanced. You may even think you have a shot at it. But if you don’t have certainty that you can start making progress, start getting ahead, then you’re simply not going to take the kind of action that moves your life toward balance. Instead, you’re going to have one hell of a stress headache every day for the rest of your life, and you’ll sit around wishing things would get better rather than making it better. I know, I’ve been there.

Facing Your Self-Doubt – And Defusing It

When you feel like you’re behind in everything, you don’t have time for yourself, and nothing seems to help … positive thinking isn’t going to cut it. You can’t say “Golly, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!” because you know that light is a freaking train, coming to run over that schedule you had for the day. SQUISH. Positive thinking isn’t the solution.

When you’re full of stress, anxiety, and the despair of the ever-rushed, no amount of smiling is going to help you defeat that feeling of helplessness and doubt that comes when you realize you’re trading the good things in life for “stuff” – or trading those hours to work, just to get by. You think of getting ahead, then you stress because you doubt you can do it, then you start thinking of something else, fast.

What will help, though, is facing that doubt instead of wishing it wasn’t there. Of staring it straight in the eye and coming to terms with it. Sure, you may feel like you can’t get ahead … that it’s too late to catch up on missed opportunities … that there’s just too much to do to get everything balanced. Admit it. Own it. But then take the next step: defuse it by getting the last word in. Four words, specifically:

“But I can do SOMETHING.”

Sure, you can’t get your life balanced overnight. Maybe not even in a year. Maybe there are missed opportunities that won’t come again. But here’s the deal – if you take a little action – the tiniest damn thing – every day, you’ll start making progress. Maybe you can spend 15 minutes every Wednesday reading to your kid if you don’t do it at all. Maybe you can fit in a 5 minute walk each day if you sit on your ass too much (self, I’m talkin’ to you!). Maybe you can write, or read, or study whatever over one lunch break per week.

The point is, you can do SOMETHING. And SOMETHING is power. The power to turn the tide. Self-doubt comes from feeling helpless to “make it all better.” But you can make something better this week, and that makes you more powerful. You can make your life 1/10th of a percent more balanced this week, even if everything is going to hell. You can do something. You can’t argue with that.

And if you can do something, then you can crank it up a notch later. The important thing is that you’re not stagnating, or sliding backward. You’re breaking the cycle. Eventually, you will have that breakthrough that lets you get more balanced.

But it all comes down to believing that those small, insignificant actions aren’t insignificant at all. They add a heaping helping of better to your life right now. Maybe not “enough,” but more than you had before.

Don’t let self-doubt have the last word. You’re an adult, you have the last word. Even if you feel with every fiber of your being that you’re trapped in a cycle of endless suck, you can do something to make it suck one fraction less. You’re not helpless.

Every time you feel helpless to get everything balanced, tell yourself “But I can do SOMETHING.”

Belief drives action.

You don’t believe, you don’t act.