10 best fitness apps for women

10 best fitness apps for women

Daily Workout” (Android and iOS)

“Daily Workout” — great set of exercises for major muscle groups performed by certified professionals. For example, you can choose training specific muscle groups (arms, legs, buttocks and press), cardio exercise, or workout of all muscle groups. Depending on the level of training and the availability of free time, you can choose the training duration (5-30 minutes). There is a possibility to create an individual program and set reminders. For an additional fee you can purchase exercise Pilates, ball and even with the weight.

adidas miCoach (AndroidiOS)

adidas miCoach (free on all platforms) is positioned as a personal trainer. The application of more than 400 exercises to develop speed, strength, flexibility and endurance — with audio and video instructions. Training plans prepared by the famous coaches and is divided into three areas: running, fitness and sports. The main tool for running is the GPS. It allows you to track your route on GoogleMaps, see the average running speed, number of descents and ascents on the route.

In the section “Fitness” necessary to determine the goal (weight loss, increase endurance, muscle strengthening) — based on your goals and data micoach will create a training schedule with a selection of cardio and strength exercises. Under “sports” you can create the optimal training plan to prepare for classes in particular sport (tennis, handball, hockey, etc.) training Schedule you can also create and adjust on the website micoach.adidas.com.

JEFIT (Android and iOS)

JEFIT (free in Google Play and the App Store) — personal training diary. It allows you to create a customized program to plan rest days and loads to take into account the approaches and the break between them. Extensive catalog of exercises (more than 1300) divided by muscle groups and is equipped with a search. Each exercise is animated. When creating a workout (and during execution) it is possible to specify the number of sets, time exercise, weight shells, change exercises in the rotation or even to remove them. The interface is entirely in English, but very intuitive. There is a paid version of the app free features are more than enough.

Workout Trainer (Android and iOS)

Workout Trainer (free in Google Play and the App Store) is a mobile personal trainer. After the first launch, the app offers training programs on the basis of the entered data. Usually, this series of classes, designed for 2-6 weeks. If the above options for any reason not suitable, you can pick up a workout.

For most of the programs will have to pay. Among training for strength, endurance and flexibility of the systems: TABATA, HIIT, interval training, workout “CrossFit WOD” the complex “7-minute workout”. The app is completely in English — how and an integrated forum where users communicate, brag achievements and motivate each other to work on themselves.

Nike+ Training Club (Android and iOS)

Free application, developed with the participation of professional trainers Nike. You can engage as already prepared training programs and self-created 4-week program. Ready-made workouts divided into 4 blocks: “harmony”, “tone” and “strength” and “focus” (the latter includes TABATA, yoga, “to catch in 5 minutes” and more). Each workout is accompanied by audio commentary about the technique exercises. Using Chromecast or an HDMI cable can broadcast the training from your smartphone on the TV screen. There is a “tape” is a kind of sports blogosphere, where Nike trainers and application users regularly place of publication, comment on each other and communicate.

“Fitness for women: workouts and exercises by Sport.com” (iOS)

Paid app is divided into three main sections. The first complete training program for users with different levels of training, the second — the creation of individual programs based on goals and baseline data. Third — a homemade collection of exercises with user-specified number of approaches. Each exercise has a video description and audio instruction. In the process of workout, you can adjust the speed of exercise. Any sports equipment you do not need — only shoes, a rug, a chair and a desire. If you plan to do without access to the Internet, a selected exercise program, you must first download.

Yoga.com Studio: 300 poses & video classes” (Android and iOS)

Yoga.com Studio: 300 poses & video classes” — extensive database of asanas. Each posture is equipped with video description and audio instruction. The opportunity to see what muscles are involved when performing asanas will help you to strike a pose and do not hurt yourself.

For classes offered 45 programs to choose from depending on goals and training level. There is a possibility to compose own programs and edit ready. Throughout the training you will be accompanied by pleasant relaxing music and comments of the instructor. Before school starts the selected program should be downloaded from the Internet.

Gym PocketGuide (WP)

Gym PocketGuide — free English-language app for Windows Phone, created with the support of the site Bodybuilding.com. It contains ready-to 7-day training program for women and men to reduce weight or to build muscle mass. In the app’s library contains more than 100 exercises with step-by-step instructions and illustrations. It is understood that the training will be performed with the use of sports equipment. Create personal training is available after purchasing a version of Gym PocketGuide Pro. The rest timer between sets is added after the publication of the social networks links on application.

“Abs workout” / “8 minutes to press the” / Abs Workout (AndroidiOS)

The app is for those who dream of a flat belly and/or abs. Developers offer 13 ready-made workouts with different difficulty levels. For each programme recommended schedule of classes, training, you choose yourself. Since the creation of the app will send out notices. Before you start training, are invited to read the description of the exercise, its purpose and features, and view animated videos.

The app is free, with the option to buy each workout separately. Otherwise, you will have to view advertisements. You can buy “Editor” and edit training programs: changing the number of repetitions, recovery time, order of exercises, add/delete exercises, change the coach and the music.

Daily Yoga (Android and iOS)

Daily Yoga is a free app dedicated to the practice of yoga. The developers propose approximately 30 ready-made programs for yoga, the optimal duration of the training: 5-45 minutes, depending on the type of program. There are classes for pregnant women, for the health of the back, for running, for a good sleep, slimming the legs and more. All classes are accompanied by pleasant music and audio comments in English.

If necessary, training can be stopped and to contact the library with instructions for performing asanas. In addition, the available 8 programs with clearly itemized sessions. After starting one of these programs all sessions will be automatically entered in your calendar. The minimum duration of this programme is 1 week. Not all of the content of the application is available for downloading: most of the software paid after subscription: 3 month cost of $9.99, 1 year — $20,99.